Network Protocol Parsing with C++

I’ve implemented a lot of network protocols lately, for work and private projects. I’d like to show you the basic implementation I mostly use and has been proven to be very resource friendly, fast and stable.

Make a class thread safe C++

You might have come across the case, that you had a simple class which got the new requirement to be thread-safe for upcoming use-cases. I have seen developers who simple wrapped all methods with a locked mutex, like this:

TS3VIDEO release 0.7, 0.8

The new v0.6 is out and available for download.

Download here:

Most changes are internal and don’t change the user experience, but there is one new great feature: Streaming in a resolution of your choice (HD!)

TS3VIDEO release 0.6

Yesterday I tried to release version 0.6, which was a disaster in my opinion. Unfortunately a few users had problems and that’s why I decided to rollback to 0.5 within an hour of release before too many of you upgraded.