TS3VIDEO release 0.6

Yesterday I tried to release version 0.6, which was a disaster in my opinion. Unfortunately a few users had problems and that’s why I decided to rollback to 0.5 within an hour of release before too many of you upgraded.

I never felt really good about this release because I didn’t invest enough time in testing it and I pushed myself too much to release the update as quickly as possible. That’s not what I want for my hobby projects. I love to take my time to deliver software which is easy to use and has no bugs. Well, at least for the main functionality because, lets face it, there is no bug-free software.

As a result I will no longer say anything about estimated release dates, except for: “It’s done, when it’s done.”

Already upgraded?

In case you did install version 0.6 during the short time it was available, you can simply install version 0.5 again and everything will work as before. The website will provide you with downloads and all public servers are running version 0.5 again.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.