A free and easy to use video conferencing plugin for Teamspeak 3.

C / C++ / Qt / Inno Setup / Private Source / Since 2015

Web-based GUI to manage Subversion repositories and User/Group permissions (+LDAP support).

PHP / LDAP / Subversion / Open Source / Since 2012
Qt Advanced Docking System

Manages content widgets more like Visual Studio or similar programs.

C++ / Qt / Open Source / Since 2016

HumbleLogging is a lightweight C++ logging framework. It aims to be extendible, easy to understand and as fast as possible.

C / C++ / Open Source / Since 2014
Vegan Nadine

The website and blog of a german vegan blogger.

Website / HTML / Hugo / Since 2016
Block Dach

A website for a roof-worker.

Website / HTML / Since 2016