Network Protocol Parsing with C++

I’ve implemented a lot of network protocols lately, for work and private projects. I’d like to show you the basic implementation I mostly use and has been proven to be very resource friendly, fast and stable. The Protocol At the beginning there is the protocol definition. For this example I will use a simple single frame/packet based protocol to exchanges data between two endpoints (e.g.: client and server). The Packet // packet.

How to use GeoServer / GeoWebCache with NASA WorldWind

I currently develop and setup different software products which needs to display a map, like Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps. One very important requirement is to display the Map without an active internet connection. This quickly results in the idea to run my own GeoServer instance with local stored map data and distribute it via WMS (Web Map Service). In the first step I simply added an OpenStreetMap layer and cached a few zoom levels with the built-in GWC Seed Form (batched caching) mechanism.

Manage And Deploy Static Websites (Hugo)

I use static websites based on Hugo since quite a while now. They are fast, nice to edit with the editor of my choice and can be served from any HTTP server. There are no requirements like PHP, Python or MySQL. Unfortunately I never got used to the deployment process.

Make a class thread safe C++

You might have come across the case, that you had a simple class which got the new requirement to be thread-safe for upcoming use-cases. I have seen developers who simple wrapped all methods with a locked mutex, like this: