In case you downloaded the ZIP archive or the service registration of the Installer did not work as expected, you might need to setup some steps on your own.

Run as Windows Service

Installing the server process as a service can be done with the built-in Windows tool sc.

Note: The Installer registers the server with the name Conference Server (not TS3VIDEO, like the instructions below)

All upcoming commands need to run as a privileged Administrator! You need to open a console as Administrator.

Install as service

sc create "TS3VIDEO" binPath= "C:\ts3video\videoserver.exe --service --config \"C:\ts3video\myconfig.ini\"" start= auto

Even though it might look weird, the space after binPath=, start= and other parameters you might append is important!

Uninstall service

sc delete "TS3VIDEO"


Q: The service doesn’t start or exits immediately!?
A: Make sure that the user who runs the service has permissions to run the process.